\ I am married to the music for better or worse
"Sesame seeds are just bakery glitter, like sprinkles are the glitter of pastry."
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Do you ever get so deep into your thoughts that you just have to reach out and touch something to make sure you’re still here?

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I’m just… a blueberry elf in a strawberry forest

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Isn’t it weird how different everyone’s journey is? Some people have lost themselves as they got older, some have always stayed true to themselves, and then some are only beginning to discover who they are but everyone is still just trying to find their own place on this little planet amongst each other and it’s weird how connected we are with each other no matter how different our lives might be


there are teachers who have done the deed in a butt and i could have been taught by one of them and that is out of this world



Imagine this: Life is a disease. The reason you’re not some angel in Heaven is because you got sick and everything you’re experiencing is just a side effect of the disease. You know you’re going to die eventually, yet you still continue to fight the odds. Everyone around you is sick, too, but…

Does this ever happen to you:


So you are in the shower thinking, well overthinking of course, and then you pretend you are talking to someone. Telling them how you really feel. Saying what you keep zipped up behind your lips for so long. So here you are in the shower and you are basically screaming you thoughts at someone……

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Isn’t the bible just a compilation of fanfic?


you know my snapchat username, not my snapchat story